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19 Amazing Things About Being Pregnant

We’re all quick to discuss the difficult aspects of pregnancy such as the seemingly never-ending list of strange things it does to our bodies. However, it’s great to give attention to the many amazing things about being pregnant.

The time when it’s a secret

At the very beginning, maybe for a brief moment just after taking the pregnancy test, you were the only person who knew. Then you get to tell your partner and for a while, it’s a secret just between the two of you. Free to fall in love with this tiny person in private.

Delivering the great news to family and friends

The secret ends but you won’t mind at all. Telling your family and friends that you’re pregnant will be some of the most special moments in your life. You’ll probably remember their reactions for years to come.

Special treatment

Once everyone knows, they’ll probably start making a fuss of you. Everyone understands that pregnancy can be hard on your body and want to alleviate that stress in any way that they can. It’s a great bonding opportunity to allow people to look after you, so take full advantage!

Strangers are really nice

This is usually most prevalent in the later months of pregnancy as you start to show more. Pregnant women evoke feelings of happiness in a lot of people – whether they intend to or not! This is usually because the stranger is reminded of their own pregnancy experiences and their own children (hence why they sometimes over-share details about their own labours and deliveries!)

You're always right (even when you're not)

Who wants to argue with a pregnant lady? Nobody.

Beautiful hair, skin and nails

Although this one may not be true for everyone, some pregnant women enjoy thicker hair, glowing skin and strong nails due to increased blood flow delivering more nutrients to the areas and higher levels of estrogen.

Stretchy clothes

Comfort is key. Once you’ve worn jeans with a big stretchy waist, it’ll be difficult to go back!

A new-found love for your body

Any perceived imperfections which you once hated are now much easier to accept. Your body has grown a new life! You’ll probably be feeling very proud and grateful that your body has given you this gift.

great things about being pregnant

The first scan

Few things in life compare to the feeling of seeing your baby for the first time on an ultrasound. That feeling is what motivated us to open the UltraScan clinic! Hearing your baby’s heartbeat and seeing them nestled comfortably in their cosy environment is the best reassurance that any expectant parent could hope for.

Feeling your baby move

Even the most boring day can be cheered up by feeling your baby’s movements. They’re like a little best friend who you can bring everywhere with you!

Taking naps

Research has found that women who take daily naps of 60 to 90 minutes during pregnancy are 29% less likely to have a baby with a low birth weight. So not only will a nap recharge your batteries, it can actually have a profound effect on your baby’s growth!

great things about being pregnant

An excuse to get out of anything

Don’t want to attend an event? Tell everyone you’re too tired!

Decorating the nursery

Your baby doesn’t need Instagram-worthy glamour, so don’t stress about interior design. Enjoy simple preparations like assembling a cot or side-sleeper for their arrival.

Going on Maternity Leave

Abandoning your usual routine can seem daunting, however, embrace the 6 months+ you have away from work to focus on bonding with your baby. Plus, your partner’s 2 weeks Paternity Leave can be spent bonding as a new family.

Going on a Babymoon

Spend some quality time with your partner before the baby arrives to indulge in some relaxation and romance!

The excitement

Spend plenty of time enjoying the excitement of meeting your little one. Imagine what they’ll look like, what you’ll be like as a parent, what your partner will be like as a parent. Picture the special moment when the most important people in your life are introduced to your baby for the first time.

amazing things about pregnancy

Watching your partner as a father

If this is your first baby, you get to witness your partner transform into a new parent. See the love in his eyes and know that you gave him that joy.

Choosing your baby’s godparents

Whoever you choose, they will be honoured to be chosen as a significant part of your child’s life.

Creating special memories

Make sure to take plenty of bump pictures to look back on. Even if you’re not feeling very attractive right now, you’ll regret shying away from photos. Some women even keep a pregnancy diary to remember how they felt and keep a record of any pregnancy hacks which they may want to remember for their next baby.

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