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10 Signs You’re Having A Baby Boy

If you’re trying to guess the gender of your new arrival, you’ve probably heard some old wives’ tales that attempt to shed light on whether you’re carrying a baby boy or girl. 

In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of the old wives’ tales that point to having a boy. Want to know what points to having a girl? Read our blog post 12 Signs You’re Having A Girl 

Carrying Low

If your bump is most round low down at your hips, then tales say you’re having a boy. 

Fact: your bump will naturally sit lower in subsequent pregnancies because your abdomen muscles are weaker. Your baby’s position can also influence the appearance of your bump.

Carrying only in the front

If you haven’t gained much weight around your hips and waist, this may be a sign of a boy. They say if you’re carrying a boy, you don’t look pregnant from behind. 

Fact: everyone carries weight differently. This is influenced by your natural body composition.

how to tell if you're expecting a boy

Your partner hasn’t gained any weight

If your partner has managed to maintain their normal weight throughout your pregnancy, then this points to having a boy.

Fact: as much as partners can feel sympathy for their pregnant partners, they don’t necessarily have to gain a sympathy belly!

You’re “glowing”

They say a baby girl will steal your beauty for herself, whereas a baby boy will enhance your beauty during pregnancy. You may be experiencing clear skin and long luscious hair. 

Fact: your hair and skin are sensitive to hormonal changes. Changes like these are simply caused by your ever-changing hormones.

No morning sickness

Continuing the theme of baby boys treating their mothers very nicely – little-to-no morning sickness. 

Fact: 80% of expectant mothers experience morning sickness. If you avoided morning sickness, you’re simply part of the lucky 20%.

Salty cravings

The legend says that boys will have you craving foods like chips and burgers because they need a large number of calories to grow big and strong. 

Fact: cravings are fueled by a mixture of pregnancy factors including increased caloric needs and an increased sense of taste and smell. Salty cravings can also be caused by a pregnant woman’s increased blood volume, which can lead to a lower sodium concentration.

Dull yellow urine

If your urine is not glowing bright, this is apparently a sign of a baby boy. 

Fact: the colour of your urine is affected by hydration, medications and vitamins. If you’re taking a multivitamin, you may be noticing your urine almost glows in the dark regardless of your baby’s gender!

how to know if you're having a boy

Slower baby heart rate

This is one of the most common methods of trying to predict your baby’s gender. If your baby’s heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute, then you’re expecting a boy. 

Fact: studies show that there is no significant link between fetal heart rate and your baby’s gender. Usually, your baby’s heart rate is between 120 and 160 beats per minute and fluctuates just like your own heart rate does.

Your right breast is bigger than your left

This old wives’ tale is a strange one, but apparently, a boy will make your right breast bigger. 

Fact: your breast size may change during pregnancy as they get ready to produce milk. As with everything in nature, nothing happens symmetrically.

Ring test: the ring swings in a circle

The ring test is performed by threading a string through your wedding ring, engagement ring, or similar ring preferably with sentimental value. Lie down and have someone hang the ring above your bump. Wait for the ring to move by itself and if it moves in a circle, then you’re expecting a boy. 

Fact: this one is straight from superstition, just for fun!

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