Thyroid Gland Scan

The neck and thyroid ultrasound scan is a non-invasive and painless diagnostic imaging technique.

Swelling in the neck and non-proper function of the thyroid are the most common reasons for having a thyroid & neck ultrasound diagnostic examination. This scan includes a comprehensive ultrasound scan of the thyroid gland and adjacent structures to diagnose suspected neck lesions.

Why do I need to have a thyroid & neck ultrasound scan?

What kind of preparation do I need?

Apart from removing all jewellery from your neck, there is no essential preparation for this scan. Please inform the specialist if you have neck arthritis.

What to expect during the scan?

You will be asked to lie down and your neck extended backwards over a cushion and our highly qualified and experienced sonographer will use an ultrasound probe lubricated with warm ultrasound gel to scan the thyroid gland and its surrounding areas to obtain diagnostic images necessary for the examination.

What do I get with this scan?

A radiologist’s written report of the findings will be provided to your referring practitioner, with images where necessary to demonstrate abnormal findings.

How can I book an appointment for this scan?

Book via our website at
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Exam Time:

20 - 30 Minutes

Exam Price:



Alternatively, please contact our team on 014295710 or to enquire/book