What is a Lumps & Bumps Scan?

Introducing our Soft Tissue Ultrasound Scan for Lumps and Bumps service, designed to address your concerns and provide you with valuable insights about any unusual masses on your body.

It is normal to have concerns if an unusual lump or bump appears on your body. Rest assured that the vast majority of soft tissue masses are harmless. However, in rare instances, they can indicate a more serious problem and should be evaluated.
Lumps or bumps that cause pain and discomfort are most often benign. In contrast, rare malignant soft tissue tumours cause no initial pain but can turn painful and deadly if left untreated.
The sooner you diagnose the underlying cause of your lump or bump, the better your chances of successful treatment.

Why I might need
this scan?

Ultrasound imaging is a cost-effective method used to evaluate soft tissue tumours and neoplasms. An ultrasound scan can also eliminate the need for more expensive imaging like an MRI, or it may help you avoid an unnecessary biopsy procedure.

Ultrasonography is a powerful tool in the diagnosis of soft tissue lumps and bumps and a decisive step towards appropriate treatment and peace of mind.

Depending on the location of the lump or bump, you may need to remove some clothing and wear a hospital gown. A warm lubricating gel is applied to your skin to allow the probe to move smoothly.

How to

No preparation is required for this scan

What do I get with
this scan?

A radiologist’s written report of the findings will be provided to your referring practitioner, with images where necessary, to demonstrate abnormal findings.


Exam Time
20 – 30 minutes