A modern and friendly maternity clinic based in South Dublin Offering mothers to be the latest in 2D/3D/4D ultrasound scans.

Baby Scans Dublin

Our private ultrasound clinic opened in August 2017 in the heart of Fashion City, Ballymount, just off the M50 in South Dublin.

We offer private elective ultrasound scans for expectant mothers. We deliver a 5-star service using the latest ultrasound imaging technology to reassure parents who begin their journey with us during the early stages of pregnancy and carry on to nearly full-term with our 3D/4D ultrasound baby scans.

We offer 2D scans from just 8 weeks pregnant with our Early Pregnancy Scan which gives us insights into your baby’s wellbeing as well as your due date, at a much earlier gestational age than in public maternity hospitals.
We also offer 2D/3D Late reassurance Scans from 14 weeks pregnant, 2D Gender Determination Scans from 17 weeks pregnant and 3D/4D Scans from 24 weeks up to 33 weeks pregnant.

Our friendly staff are always excited to be part of your journey and help to nurture the unbreakable bond between you and your baby. We strive to make every pregnancy scan at UltraScan a wonderful memory for you and your guests, we have designed our state-of-the-art clinic with your comfort and happiness in mind.

We are proud to be rated a perfect 5/5 in our reviews from customers, from reading our reviews it’s clear to see our customers truly appreciate our amazing staff and relaxing atmosphere, making this an experience they’ll never forget.

One of the best features of our private baby scans is the option to bring up to 5 guests with you, including children. This enables family and friends to come to your private scan with you to meet your baby before he/she arrives. This is especially effective if you wish to introduce your children to their new little brother/sister, seeing the baby scan helps them to realise that this is their new family member, this sparks the beginning of the magical bond between siblings.

We remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have implemented certain measures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. See our video below for more!

Ultrascan Services



Our early pregnancy scans will allow you to see your baby from 8 weeks at what can be an uncertain time of your pregnancy and are conducted in 2D.
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Not everyone wants a 3D/4D scan so we offer 2D Late Reassurance Scans from 14 weeks that will show you your baby move and hear the heartbeat.
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We carry out gender scans from 17 weeks onwards at 95% accuracy especially for those who just can't wait until their due date.
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Our 3D scan allows you to see your little one in 3D. You will get to see their facial features, fingers and toes. The 4D is a video version of the 3D scan.
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Ultrascan Package Comparison

Early Pregnancy
(8-14 weeks)

Late Reassurance
(14+) weeks

Gender Scan
(17+) weeks

3D/4D Scans
(24 - 33 weeks)

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Average Rating of 5 out of 5