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12 Signs You’re Having A Girl

From the moment you see the positive pregnancy test, you start to imagine what this little person will be like. One of the biggest questions will naturally be “will they be a boy or a girl?” and the guessing begins! 

Depending on whether you’re planning to find out your baby’s gender or not, the guessing can last 17 weeks or the full 40 weeks. This is where the old wives’ tales start getting thrown around. In this blog, we’ll explore the old wives’ tales that point to having a baby girl!

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Carrying high

Old wives’ tales tend to focus a lot on how your bump looks. If your bump protrudes out higher, just under your breasts, then they say this indicates you’re having a girl. 

Fact: a high bump is more common in women who have strong abdominal muscles or during your first pregnancy. Your bump may lie lower if this is not your first pregnancy, as the muscles are loosened from your previous pregnancies.

You gained weight on your hips and waist

They say if your bump is “all around” then you’re expecting a girl. Meaning you have gained some weight on your hips and weight during your pregnancy, giving your bump a wider appearance. 

Fact: everyone carries weight differently, it’s just part of your natural body composition.

how to tell if you're having a girl

Your partner has gained weight

According to legend, if your partner has gained weight during your pregnancy, you’re expecting a girl. 

Fact: there is a real condition called Couvade Syndrome or “sympathy pregnancy” where the partners of pregnant women will experience weight gain, nausea, cravings or mood swings. But, usually, your partner’s weight gain is caused by more time spent relaxing with you and indulging in whatever foods you’re craving!

Your skin is oily

If your skin is oily or suddenly prone to breakouts, old wives’ tales say you’re having a baby girl. This is because your little girl is trying to “steal” your beauty! 

Fact: changes in your skin are one of the first effects of major hormonal changes. Whether your skin gets oily or dry is totally dependent on your natural rhythms.

Your hair is thinner and dull

Another instance of your baby trying to steal your good looks for herself! 

Fact: just like your skin, changes in your hair are a perfectly normal consequence of hormonal changes.

Morning sickness

The baby girls are giving us a tough time at every opportunity, according to these tales. If you experienced morning sickness, then you’re expecting a baby girl.

Fact: around 80% of pregnant women experience morning sickness, so if this one were true, girls certainly would run the world!

Sweet cravings

The saying goes, little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. So the tale tells us that your baby girl looks for sugar to fuel her sweetness. 

Fact: cravings are a phenomenon thought to be caused by increased caloric needs, a heightened sense of taste and smell and specific nutrient needs. It’s thought that sugary cravings are pointing to low blood sugar.

predict baby gender

Mood swings

If your mood has been out of control, they say you can start shopping for pink. 

Fact: this is another one to blame on hormones, not the baby’s gender. Hormonal fluctuations can cause all sort of emotional disturbances. If you’re regularly feeling upset or angry, take time to relax and look after your own needs. Your emotional wellbeing is very important throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Bright yellow urine

This one is slightly strange, but apparently, mothers carrying baby girls have bright yellow urine.

Fact: the colour of your urine is affected by hydration, medications and vitamins. If you’re taking a multivitamin, you may be noticing your urine almost glows in the dark regardless of your baby’s gender! 

Faster baby heart rate

The old wives’ tales say if your baby’s heart rate is above 140 beats per minute, then you’re expecting a girl.

Fact: studies show that there is no significant link between fetal heart rate and your baby’s gender. Usually, your baby’s heart rate is between 120 and 160 beats per minute and fluctuates just like your own heart rate does.

Your left breast is bigger than your right

It’s unclear why the old wives thought your baby girl would want to make your left breast bigger than your right breast, but that’s how the saying goes.

Fact: breasts are like eyebrows – they’re sisters, not twins! It’s natural for your breasts to be different sizes, not just during pregnancy but throughout your life.

Ring test: the ring swings side to side

The ring test is performed by threading a string through your wedding ring, engagement ring, or similar ring preferably with sentimental value. Lie down and have someone hang the ring above your bump. Wait for the ring to move by itself and if it moves in a straight line going side to side, then you’re expecting a girl. 

Fact: this one is straight from superstition, just for fun!

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