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How To Enjoy Christmas While Pregnant

If you’re pregnant this Christmas you may be feeling like you’re missing out on the fun stuff. Usually, Christmas might mean Prosecco, partying and present shopping until you drop. However, now that you’re pregnant, Christmas might feel full of nothing but “I can’t”, “I’m too tired” or “brb, I need to pee”. That’s why we’ve compiled our best ideas for making the most of the festive season while pregnant to ease your FOMO.

Be Gentle on Yourself

Be honest with yourself about what you can comfortably take on this Christmas. Maybe last year you hosted Christmas dinner, had the perfect gift for everyone including your Postman, your house was decorated to perfection and you baked all your desserts from scratch. Don’t feel pressure from your last-year-self to recreate all that this year. Most likely, your family and friends will be glad to hear that you won’t be exhausting yourself trying to tend to them on Christmas Day. Allow someone else to take over the duties of Christmas dinner, only buy essential gifts and buy a cake from a bakery this year!

Online Shopping

Nowadays, we have the option to avoid the madness of the shops at Christmas, so why wouldn’t we take full advantage? Get all your gifts sorted from the comfort of your couch. Don’t go through the stress of parking, carrying bags and manoeuvring your bump around crowded shops. The same goes for food shopping, use a delivery service to do your Christmas food shopping this year to avoid the hassle and heavy lifting. Allow someone to deliver it to the door, then delegate someone to put it away for you (if you haven’t already guessed, we’re really milking being pregnant at Christmas!)

Cut down on gifts

Babies are expensive. Whatever way you look at it, you have a big financial change coming your way. Don’t be shy about cutting down on gift-buying. If you were really honest with yourself, there’s a lot of people you could cross off your gift list. If you have a large family, try suggesting a Kris Kindle (or Secret Santa, as you might call it). You never know who else in the family may be worrying about the cost of Christmas this year. It may be a financial burden lifted from more than one set of shoulders! 

Get Glammed Up

The saying goes “when you look good, you feel good” so spending a little time on yourself may really help your mood over the Christmas period. Take a trip to the salon to get your nails, brows or hair done to give yourself a boost. Or buy a new maternity outfit with Christmas-glam vibes. Whatever you do, it should leave you feeling a bit more in-tune with your pregnancy glow!

Listen to your Body

Pushing yourself too far over the holidays is certainly a bad idea. Don’t be embarrassed if you need to leave a party early, cancel plans or step away from certain traditions. Think of a secret signal that you give your partner when it’s time to leave a party. This will make it easier to make a stealthy exit. Remember, you know your body and your baby better than anyone else. If you can’t endure a certain festive plan, just be honest and perhaps alternative arrangements can be made. Don’t let the pressures of the season leave you feeling deflated.


Many of us travel great distances at Christmas to see loved ones. If you’re undertaking a car journey this year, plan ahead. Plan plenty of stops along the way and never sit in the car for more than 90 minutes at a time. Plan stops along the way when you can stretch your legs, get food and water and use a bathroom. When you arrive, don’t be shy about taking a nap. If you usually travel overseas at Christmas, check with your doctor before booking flights. If your doctor gives you the green light, still check in with the airline. Different airlines have different rules for travelling while pregnant.

Plan for all eventualities

Regardless of your Christmas plans, be prepared for anything that your pregnancy may throw into the mix. If you’re travelling, take note of the nearest hospital, just in case. If you’re in your third trimester this is especially important. With all the Christmas prep, you may have forgotten about your hospital bag altogether! Try not to travel far from your maternity hospital and keep your hospital bag in the car, just in case! Remember, baby doesn’t have a calendar in there and will arrive whenever they feel like it!


Regardless of what you get up to this year, Christmas is a time to spend with family. It’s a time to relax, reflect and have fun. Don’t allow the pressures of the season to spoil what should be a happy time. Allow everyone to fuss over you, to get you whatever you need and to share in your excitement. Think of how special next Christmas will be when you’re celebrating baby’s first Christmas!

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