Reassurance, bonding and a sense of wellbeing.

2D/3D Late Reassurance Scans

Available from 14 weeks+

We offer Late Reassurance Scans from 14 weeks gestation onwards. Gender can be determined from 17+weeks. Our Late Reassurance Scan is a 2D scan that will allow you to see your baby and confirm the baby’s heartbeat through our immersive surround sound. We will confirm your baby’s position in the womb and identify its head, feet, and other body parts.

The ultrasound scan will provide a sense of well being on seeing babies heartbeat and active movements ensuring bonding and reassurance with your unborn child after your ultrasound session.

Also, if conditions are suitable on the day we can give you a glimpse of your baby in the 3D/4D Baby Scan format if you wish.

early pregnancy scan

Each Late Reassurance Baby Scan Includes...

The price of our Late Reassurance scans is €115.

Heartbeat Teddy Bears Now Available

heartbeat teddy bears

Did you know you can add one of these heartbeat teddy bears to any of our baby scans from 14 weeks onwards. Heartbeat teddy bears are only €30 and you can add a t-shirt that holds your scan picture for €5. Just let us know on the day of your scan and we’ll record your little ones heartbeat for you to take home and snuggle. Our heartbeat teddy bears are the perfect keepsake!

(Only available on the day of your scan)


Most frequent asked questions and answers

The cost of a Late Reassurance Baby Scan in UltraScan’s private clinic is €115

With UltraScan you can have your scan images and videos sent to you via Whatsapp or email. This enables you to share them easily and download them for safekeeping.

You will receive 5 glossy small scan photo prints and your two favourite scan pictures professionally printed in 6”x4” photos.

Yes, you can bring one guest with you, including children. This gives your friends and family the opportunity to meet your baby before they’re born. This is an option which could not be facilitated at your public hospital scans. A great idea if you have children and wish to give them a glimpse of their new brother/sister.

Yes, you can purchase a gift voucher by calling us on (01) 429 5710. This makes a great gift for any mother-to-be.