Giving you space, peace and time to fully enjoy your baby scan.

UltraScan imaging clinic opened in August 2017 in the heart of Fashion City in South Dublin. We offer the highest standard in private elective pregnancy scans. Our private scan clinic gives you space, peace and time to fully enjoy your baby scan. Our goal is to deliver a 5-star service using the latest ultrasound technology to reassure expectant parents and to help you nurture a bond, long before your baby is due to arrive.

Changing the game

When we opened UltraScan we aimed to set a new standard of service. We felt that the existing options for private pregnancy scans could be improved upon, so we set out to change the game. We felt there was a need for a purpose-built facility that gave pregnant women and their families an immersive experience using the latest technology with modern and stylish surroundings.

Teamwork makes the dream work

With our priorities set on delivering excellent customer care, we set out to ensure our customers can take away memories that will be cherished forever. Thanks to our highly-qualified ultrasound sonographers and our professional administration staff, the response from our clients has been better than we could have imagined. We are consistently praised for our warm atmosphere, friendly staff and diligent sonographers.

Ultrascan's Innovative Experience

Through our state-of-the-art technology, we enable you to share your news with friends and family with ease by sending your scan images to you through WhatsApp or email. This gives you high-quality digital images straight to your phone so you can get sharing straight away. This is just one of the ways we utilise technology to give you the best experience possible.

See your baby on the big screen

We at UltraScan want you to have an immersive experience. Our purpose-built ultrasound imaging suites are equipped with large medical-grade LED screens so you can see your baby in greater detail than ever before. We also have surround sound installed in each suite so you can hear your baby’s heartbeat all around you during your baby scan. Our cutting-edge ultrasound equipment transmits image and sound at high speed so you have the best view of your baby possible.

After your baby scan you can select your favourite scan images from our touchscreen displays and have them printed on our professional grade photo printer. This allows you to take away cherished memories that will never fade.

Have your scan images and videos sent straight to WhatsApp

UltraScan has pioneered the process of sharing your remaining scan images and videos through WhatsApp or email. Allowing you the opportunity to print more of your scan photos in the future. Prior to UltraScan arriving in Ireland, DVDs and USB drives were the only option available to parents to share and keep their memories. We have streamlined the process to give you the quickest and easiest access to all of your scan images and videos from your baby scan.

Our Pregnancy Scans

We provide a range of baby scan packages which cater for most stages of pregnancy, from 8 weeks pregnant up to 38 weeks pregnant. Each of our scans delivers a unique experience for the expectant family

Early Pregnancy/Dating Scan in 2D (8-14 weeks)

An Early Pregnancy Scan is usually performed shortly after finding out you are pregnant.

This is usually 8 to 14 weeks after conception and the purpose of the scan is to confirm the pregnancy, assess early viability and to provide an accurate date of the pregnancy (the scan is often referred to as viability or dating scan).

We advise having an early pregnancy scan to check all is well. If you have experienced a miscarriage previously, we also advise having an early pregnancy scan to assess the pregnancy.

These scans can reassure you that your baby is developing well.


Gender Determination in 2D (17+ weeks)

Choosing to get a private baby scan means you can learn the gender of your baby from 17 weeks. 

At your Gender Determination Scan our sonographer can tell you the gender immediately at your appointment or keep it a secret and UltraScan can arrange for you to take home our gender reveal balloons or confetti cannons with the sex still a secret until you are ready to celebrate with your family or friends.


Late Reassurance scan in 2D (14-38 weeks)

We know pregnancy is an anxious time for most mothers, especially first-time mums!

From 14 weeks onwards, our Late Reassurance private baby scans will reassure you that your baby is safe and developing well.

You’ll be able to see your baby, we will check some important measurements to make sure everything is in keeping with a normal pregnancy and you can then take home pictures, videos and hear their heartbeat.


3D/4D Scan (24 - 33 weeks)

From 24 weeks to 33 weeks, you can come in for one of our exciting 3D/4D pregnancy scans. These exciting private pregnancy scans allow you to see your baby in as much detail as possible before you meet them face to face. You’ll be able to see the shape of their nose, mouth, hands and feet in real time on our large medical grade T.V screens.


Where To Find Us

We are located just off the M50 at Junction 10 Ballymount, in Fashion City.

Our address is:

Unit 31B, Fashion City
Ballymount Rd Upper, Ballymount,
Dublin, D24 FD82

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We are very active across all social media platforms where we have maintained an excellent 5 star standard with over 600+ genuine and heartfelt reviews on Google and over 270 on Facebook from our customers. You can message us directly on our contact page with questions and for bookings, you can visit our Book Online page.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Your Pregnancy Specialists,
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