Find out the gender of your baby with our Gender Determination Scans

Choose how you would like to reveal the sex of your little one, on the day or with family as part of our gender reveal packages from 17 weeks +

Private 2D Gender Determination Scans Availble from 17 Weeks +. With Ultrascan, we can help you celebrate getting to know your beautiful boy or girl.

If you would like to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl you can have a 2D Gender Determination Scan with UltraScan from 17 weeks of pregnancy.

The accuracy of our gender scan increases when the sonographer gets several different views and spends some time patiently waiting for the baby to get into a good position for the gender to be determined. The accuracy of ultrasound at this gestational age is up to 99% accurate.

You can choose how you find out the results, discuss any preferences with your sonographer at your appointment. You could choose to have the sonographer tell you immediately, or have it kept a secret to be revealed later.

Ultrascan, reassuring expecting parents as early as possible and as often needed to help nurture that unbreakable bond between you and your baby in our relaxed and comfortable state-of-the-art private clinic.

Why Ultrascan?

1 What will I see?

At 17 weeks your baby will be approx 4 ½ to 4 ¾ inches. At this stage you may be able to make out their little fingers and you should start to see that their facial features are becoming clearer.

2 When can I get a late reassurance scan?

Our gender determination scans are available for 17 weeks onwards. We recommend for twin pregnancies 18+ weeks.

3 What are the benefits?

Gender determination scans are probably the most personal of choices expecting parents have. For those parents that want to know the sex of the baby, this can be one of the most exciting moments during their pregnancy journey as it can help them get to know their baby on a deeper level as they feel that knowing this means they can start thinking abouts names and colour palettes for the nursery.

Not only this, some parents choose to include their family and friends in their pregancy journey through a gender reveal package which they find helps strengthen the bond between their new arrival and their nearest and dearest.

4 What can I expect on the day?

When you arrive at UltraScan you will be greeted by our receptionists.

Our receptionist will give you a short form to fill out to collect some basic information like your name, contact details and date of birth.

Once your form is complete, your sonographer will call you into the scan room to begin your ultrasound scan which will last approximately 15 minutes

You will be allowed 2 adult guests per appointment or 1 adult and 1 child (no restrictions on child attendance times).

Our scan rooms are equipped with with large medical-grade LED screens & surround sound to allow you to see and hear your baby throughout your scan

After your scan you can select your favourite scan images from our touchscreen displays and have them printed on our professional grade photo printer and emailed or Whatsapped directly to you to allow to immediately share with family and friends.

You will be allowed 2 adult guests per appointment or 1 adult plus children.

Our Gender Determination Scans Include

The price of our Gender Determination Scan is


(Twin pregnancy at 18 weeks is €165).

Here’s what some of our lovely clients had to say about their Gender Determination Scans

Amazing experience

and amazing people that work there thank you so much for our beautiful pictures we are amazed with them

Berry Heidikirst

We went here yesterday for our 22 week scan it was a great experience loved every min of it. Got to see the baby in great detail😍. The staff were so friendly and helpful and welcoming will definitely be returning for 3D scan in a few weeks.

Highly Recommend

Mairead Sweeney

Absolutely Brilliant Set Up.

So professional and friendly. highly recommend and will return for further scans over next few months. xx

Lynn Mc Donald

I had my early scan and 3D/4D scan, can’t recommend them enough it was amazing. I have a very stubborn baby that wouldn’t let us get a look at his face and they brought me back for repeats and made sure I got the best pictures. staff are so lovely and make you

Feel So Comfortable

Mairead Sweeney

Gender Reveal Balloons Package

Gender Reveal Balloons Package

Our Gender Reveal Balloons allow excitement to build on whether your bundle of joy is a boy or a girl. Once you pop the balloon you will be surrounded by pink or blue confetti indicating the results of your baby scan. Before you left UltraScan we filled the balloon with either pink or blue confetti before inflating it with helium. The black exterior ensures that the colour of the confetti cannot be seen from the outside.

*Please Note – Gender reveal balloons are only available to Ultrascan customers on the day of their appointment. Balloons can only be guaranteed to stay inflated for 8 Hours – Please choose a cannon if your reveal is not within 8 hours of your scan.

Each Gender Reveal Balloon Package Includes...

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

Did you know we now offer extra large confetti canons These canons are ideal for anyone planning a gender reveal party a day or two after their visit to UltraScan! These are becoming extremely popular amongst our clients as you don’t need to worry about them deflating or bursting.

These Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons are available with our Gender Determination Scan for €15 extra or 2 for €25.

Play Video

Heartbeat Teddy Bear

Available on all of our scan packages. Just let us know on the day of your scan and we’ll record your little one’s heartbeat for you to take home and snuggle.

Only €‎35


Gender Determination Scan at UltraScan is €115 (Twin pregnancy at 18 weeks is €165).

You have the option of adding a Gender Reveal Balloon for an extra €25 or a Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon for an extra €20.

Clients should try arrive 5 minutes before appointments to fill out forms. We are extremely busy and unfortunately if someone misses their allotted time we will not be able to see them and you will have to rebook a new appointment.

With UltraScan you can have your gender scan images and videos sent to you via Whatsapp or email. This enables you to share them easily and download them for safekeeping.

You will receive 5 glossy small scan photo prints and your two favourite scan pictures professionally printed in 6”x4” photos.

If you choose the Gender Reveal Balloon Package you will get the balloon to bring home with you, pop it at your leisure to find out your results.

The Gender Reveal Balloon is a helium balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti, depending on the results of your scan. We secretly fill the balloon with the correct confetti after your scan is done. You bring this home with you to reveal your baby’s gender. This is a great option if you are having a Gender Reveal Party or just want to find out your result in a fun and memorable way.

You can bring two people with you to your appointment.

Yes, you can purchase an UltraScan gift voucher by calling us on (01) 429 5710. This makes a great gift for any mother-to-be.

Helping you celebrate the gender of your baby with our Gender Determination Scans