How Dads Can Help During Labour

If your partner is pregnant, you may be wondering how you can avoid being useless when it comes to labour and delivery. In reality, you are your partner’s biggest comfort

skin-to-skin contact

Benefits Of Skin-To-Skin Contact

Skin-to-skin is exactly what it sounds like – you and your baby having a cuddle with no clothes or blankets between you. This is sometimes referred to as “kangaroo care”

different ways to do sleep training

4 Popular Sleep Training Methods Explained

Sleep training (or sleep teaching) is the name given to different techniques of teaching your baby how to fall asleep without your help. So, if your baby has always needed

how to combination feed

How to Combination Feed

Combination feeding or mixed feeding is when you combine breastmilk and formula to feed your baby. Some people may also refer to giving expressed breastmilk from a bottle for some

best baby hacks

30 Genius Baby Hacks

Looking after a baby is hard work. Make your life a bit easier with some of our favourite genius baby hacks! If your baby needs to take medicine, simply pierce

how to soothe your baby

The Five S’s for Soothing Your Baby

The Five S’s baby sleep strategy was developed by Harvey Karp and features in his bestselling book “The Happiest Baby On The Block”. The strategy was developed specifically to soothe

when to stop night feeds

When and How To Stop Night Feeds

The process of stopping your baby’s nighttime feedings is known as night-weaning. Just like any other type of weaning, it’s a gradual process and the timescale is different for every

signs you're having a baby boy

10 Signs You’re Having A Baby Boy

If you’re trying to guess the gender of your new arrival, you’ve probably heard some old wives’ tales that attempt to shed light on whether you’re carrying a baby boy

signs you're having a girl

12 Signs You’re Having A Girl

From the moment you see the positive pregnancy test, you start to imagine what this little person will be like. One of the biggest questions will naturally be “will they

baby's first bath

Baby’s First Bath

Bathing your newborn can be a daunting task. However, with the right technique and plenty of practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! When to give your baby their

how to write a birth plan

How To Write A Birth Plan

A birth plan is a document that communicates your wishes around labour, delivery and aftercare. It is not mandatory to have a birth plan, just an option. This is a